At Phoenix Health Fund, we understand that everyone’s needs are different.  That’s why we offer our members with a number of different Health Insurance policies to meet their needs.


Hospital Covers

Top HospitalIf you’re looking to cover all the if’s and maybe’s in hospital, look no further than Phoenix’s Top Hospital policy.  Providing the full range of coverage in both private and public hospitals across the country, this policy gives you the most comprehensive hospital coverage available, leaving you with complete piece of mind.

Top Hospital $500 Excess:  Phoenix Health Fund’s Top Hospital $500 Excess offers members all the same great comprehensive benefits as our Top Hospital cover, but with the added extra of a hospital excess of $500 to help you save money.

Mid Hospital $500 Excess: Phoenix’s Mid Hospital $500 Excess provides cover for those who don’t think they’ll need comprehensive cover (for services such as Pregnancy or Hip Replacements,) but still want to be covered for more than just the basics.

Basic Hospital $500 Excess: Basic Hospital $500 Excess cover offers Private Hospital coverage for those looking for an introductory level of Private Hospital Cover.  Basic Hospital provides a combination of private and public hospital and medical cover to cover the basic needs of younger individuals and families.

Extras Covers

Top Extras:  Phoenix’s Top Extras provides members with our most comprehensive extras package available.  This policy provides added peace of mind, providing health benefits outside of hospital that you will most likely to need on a regular basis.  This policy provides benefits for a wide range of health care services (not covered by Medicare), such as dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic, ambulance, pharmacy natural therapies, and more.

Mid Extras:  This policy provides members with a moderate level of extras coverage, to cover you for services that you claim from time to time.  Mid Extras provides benefits for most health care services, but removes high cost items that younger people tend not to use) for a more affordable policy price.  Services covered under this policy include dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic, Emergency Ambulance, pharmacy natural therapies, and more.

Basic Extras:   Phoenix’s Basic Extras offers services to those who maintain a healthy lifestyle, but are only seeking the essentials at an affordable price.  Services covered under this policy include dental, optical, physiotherapy, Non PBS Pharmaceuticals Chiropractic, Emergency Ambulance and Physiotherapy.


Packaged Covers

Top Cover: Phoenix’s Top Cover product combines comprehensive Top Hospital Cover with a top level of Extras benefits, providing you with the highest level of cover available, for complete peace of mind.

Value 500: Phoenix’s Value 500 cover offers those looking for comprehensive hospital benefits, just like within our Top Cover or Top Hospital policies, but with the affordable option of an added excess.   Coupled with the hospital cover, Value 500 cover also offers an intermediate level of Extras cover to help support the healthy and health conscious needs of individuals.

YoungSavers: Phoenix Health Fund offers affordable, great value Private Health Insurance to meet the needs of people who don’t need full cover.   YoungSavers for Singles and Couples provides a combination of private and public hospital and medical cover along with offering a wide range of extras covering the services required by younger individuals.