General FAQ

Why do I need health insurance?
Am I covered for doctor visits or outpatient services?
Does my health insurance cover my children?
Am I covered for Ambulance transport?
Is Phoenix Health Fund a Members Owned Health Fund?
What is Members Owned Health Funds?
How is Members Owned Health Fund’s different from other funds?
How do I claim and receive payment of benefits?
How do I pay my contributions?
Do I have to serve waiting periods if I am a new member of Health Insurance?
How do I transfer to Phoenix Health Fund?
I am transferring from another fund. Will I have to wait before I can make a claim?
Will the fund consider any ex-gratia requests from members?
What should I do if I have a complaint?

Hospital FAQ

What should I know before going into hospital?
Is there a gap scheme that Phoenix uses that will reduce or remove out of pocket expenses?
Should I speak with the specialist before my procedure?
Which hospital should I use?

Legislation FAQ

What is the government rebate on Health Insurance and how does it affect me?
Who is eligible for the Australian Government Rebate?
How much of a rebate am I entitled to?
Who will be income tested?
Which portion of my income will determine my rebate entitlement?
What if I don’t nominate a rebate tier?
What is the Medicare Levy Surcharge?
What happens if I decide to drop my hospital insurance for any period during a financial year?
What is Lifetime Health Cover, and how can I avoid the loading?
How long do Lifetime Health Cover loadings last for?